By Fadia Bint Ismail

There is a disease inside our hearts.

A disease that will eventually tear us apart.

A disease of Arrogance and pride.


That will deaden our soften hearts.


O Allah, Al Wadud, Al Haqq, Al Gafoor, ArRaheem, let our hearts be filled with thou’s Remembrance.


Let us not destroy ourselves, for your love is greater than what we perceive,

O Allah guide our Ummah.

show us the way for surely without you we will fade away,

O Allah do not let

Shaytaan tempt us with his mischief way for he will surely lead us astray,

O Allah we bow down to you in prayer.

Prostrating with sincere repentance, with the hope that you will soften our hearts so we can make this moment last,

O Allah the merciful, the most forgiving, till the day we breathe our last breathe.

Make our hearts feel at rest,

For only your pleasure is what we request