By Fadia Bint Ismail

Only you know what is in our hearts.

Only you know what shall come to pass.

We bow our head down to you, prostrating to you to receive your mercy.

In our moments of despair.

We make Dua that you accept our plea, to earn your forgiveness.

Shower your blessings upon the Muslim Ummah.

Unite us as one, enjoin our hearts.

For you are Al Wadud, most loved.

You are Ar-Rahman the beneficent, the Gracious, and the compassionate.

Ar- Raheem the Merciful. Ar Razzaq the provider and the sustained.

O Allah do not let us fall into despair.

For surely at the end of the dark tunnel it is only Shaytaan who will meet us.

Grant us Sabr and Contentment.

Let our lives be filled with your remembrance.

Through moments of despair and happiness, soften our hearts, strengthen our Emaan.

For we shall be forever grateful