By Fadia Abrahams

A simple smile at your Muslim sisters or brothers is charity. such a simple thing and you get rewarded for it. so why not step it up and go just a bit further.

Charity helps purify your soul and ontop of it all you gain a great reward from Allah (SWT).

1 truly great charity organisation is Muslim Hands SA, simply donate clothing, food parcels, sponsor and orphan or join in on our great events that are scheduled through out the year. you will be helping those less fortunate and also helping your Akhira would you not like to purify your heart just a little by simply giving charity?

To be a part of this great charity simply email @ or call @ (021) 633 6413.

And remember Smiling is charity so when you helping those less fortunate Smile at them and show sincerity for words and actions are useless if its not through truthfullness and sincerity from the heart.