By Fadia Bint Ismail

On My Journey through my spiritual path I have faced many obstacles and challenges.

Some good and some bad.

Many times I felt like my life was tearing apart, but each moment I felt weak.

I remembered Allah was always in my heart.

I use to wear Hijab, Now and Then.

But I have now made it a permanent thing.

How can I reject the law of Allah. How can I expect Allah to love me.

When I cannot Love the things he had made obligatory to me.

I use to Neglect my prayers. Going through my daily life with no care.

Trying to fill every void. This could only be filled with prayer.

I fell to the lowest point facing so much despair.

But Allah the most high has always been there.

Waiting for me to find my way.

Every day will be a struggle, nothing comes easy, but though difficulty comes ease that is Allah’s promise to me.

No matter what the outcome, I will remain patient on

My Journey through My Spiritual Path