I Moved to Australia, at the mere age of 11 years old, this was a great shift from South Africa, A new place, New People and a New way of Life. As the years went on, i began to realise the injustice of the country i was living in, i certainly did not click with any of the people and i certainly did not agree with the way of life.

Then September 11th came, this was the worst part of living in Australia, I was in Hijaab in the shopping center and A western women shoved me out the way, and her remark to me was “Go back to Your own country” from this statement i gathered the following. The west believe that if you are in Hijaab you are automatically stereotyped as being from an eastern country. what ignorance on their part. These attacks were not only aimed at me but also at my family members, i remember my mother telling me that she was getting into her car, she had Hijaab on and a group of men in their car shouted,”Terrorists” You see this is even greater ignorance, because the West believes that all muslims are terrorists, but they have it wrong it is the west who are terrorists, who are abusing and killing our muslim brothers and sisters. Another incident, we were on our way back to Australia from a Holiday in South Africa, our luggage was thouroughly checked, and even video tapes were taken away. WHY? understand all this was happening during the september 11th attacks. so automatically they probably thought that we were carrying video tapes with terrorist acts of some sort, i can only but laugh at their ignorance.

During that entire year, many muslim brothers and sisters were attacked, people spat in their faces and shouted hateful remarks. My point in everything that i have said is, the way people view us muslims who wear Hijaab, especially in the west, how we are being treated. Which truly baffles me is the way women want to dress now, so openly it truly disgusts me, why are they giving the west the opportunity to destroy us, can you not see what they are doing, they want to exploit and demolish us…OPEN YOUR EYES!

The way of life in Australia, what can i say is completly unislamic, from an individual perspective i can say that i was not affected by the Australian society because of the family that i grew up in, i believe that if you do not have a strong islamic life at home, then the pressures of the outside world will affect you greatly, and that is what happened to many muslim girls and boys. The girls and boys were frequent in the clubs, they drank and they were dressed inappropriatly, and committed sinful acts and this was all happening in our muslim community, so ask yourself this why do you think some people have not respect toward us when we want to promote peace and so forth, when they look at our muslim brothers and sisters they dont get a good impression. One really disturbing thing, is that the Athaan is not allowed in Australia, because they believe that it is noise pollution. I believe that is why Austraila is so full of Shaitaan because they do not want the Athaan. Another qoute that was made toward the muslims was “When they live in our country they should adapt to our norms and culture” Now just look at this, the west is trying to change us,trying to change our simplistic, humble way of life.

From this point onwards, i vowed to leave Australia for good and so that is what i did. I am truly happy to say that my choice was correct. I do not want to say that there are not good muslims in Australia, because as an individual it is your choice as to what decisions you make in life, be it good or bad.

I would like to end off by saying that, Allah knows best and Allah alone knows what i am and why i do the things i do.