By Fadia Bint Ismail

Lost Soul

I sit and wonder where my life is taking me. Where I might be.

My heart is restless and my life seems full of pain.

Standing on the edge.

Spreading my arms as though I want to jump, but my body holds me back for Allah’s love is more resilient than anything.

Allah’s love will see me through anything.

I have gained and I have lost, but I will fight for your love Allah at any cost.

I have become weak, disobeying your commands, breaking my promises causing my own destruction.

Allow me to detach from the things that do not lead me to you for my heart and soul is only for you.

Tears flow from my eyes; I have caused my own demise.

I am on my knees prostrating to you

Seeking forgiveness for my heart.

My soul is lost without you