By Fadia Bint Ismail

He wanted me to burn in hell.

He wanted me to stray.

He wanted me to fall till I had no way.

Through each and every day I prayed to Allah to show me the way.

He rescued me from falling prey from all the things that seemed to take me away.

I struggled and stumbled along the way. But my heart would not let me fade.

Allah was in my heart. Allah was in my mind.

Allah is my Al Wadud. My love the Most loved.


My one and only. My life. My heart. My soul belongs to you, all that I am only you know.

For you are all knowing, all seeing, and all hearing.

You are my every heartbeat; I cannot wait till the day we meet.

O Allah I have found my way.

You made me realise my dismay.

I will continue to repent till I breathe my last breath.

Hoping and praying to forever earn your pleasure.

For only you know what happens next.

My life is in your hands.

From you I came and to you I shall return.