By Fadia Bint Ismail

Illusionist Life

This life is just an illusion, so full of confusion nothing is as it seems.

This life is only momentary nothing lasts forever.

Only Allah knows what is to come only Allah knows what is best.


I stare at the sky and the wondrous creations that surround me, realising that in a blink of an eye all this would vanish.

We would be 6 feet underground with only our deeds attached to us.


I close my eyes a tear falls upon my cheek for this could be my last as I may just die within my sleep.

I pray silently trying to catch my breath but my heart will not let me rest for I know that I have not tried my best.

I am willing to put up with the test to earn your love to prove that I can

Conquer any quest.

Your tests will only make me stronger even when my life is no longer.

My love for you will only grow stronger.

My love for you will last forever.