In Islam, Muslim Women are required to wear the Hijaab(Head Scarf), it is a symbol of RESPECT, DIGNITY and Aids in Protecting us as women. Hijaab Beautifies us, Hijaab uplifts us and Protects us.

The Question I pose today is! Why do so many muslim women feel Embarrased to wear the Hijaab?

“Do we not fear the wrath of Allah Ta’ala when we go against that which he has made obligatory upon us” Do we not become saddened at the fact that the angels are shedding tears, while we are letting our hair down for the world to see. The only Person who will be pleased with us is Shaitaan!

So YOU….Muslim Women, My Muslim Sisters in Islam, Wear Your Hijaab, Do not Feel Ashamed, Love your Hijaab and Love that which Allah Ta’ala has bestowed on us, only to aid us in protection against this cruel Westernised World. Therefore the precious jewels that we possess should not be displayed to one and all, they should be kept in honour and dignity.

The Hijab is not just the clothing on top of your head; it is the clothing that is on the entire body and in the heart. Hijab is a sign of strength, because now you are woman who has to be accepted for who she is, not for what she looks like. How many women wear clothes just to feel attractive and gain attention from the opposite gender? It is as if people are dying to be looked upon by the passionate glances of strangers. Is that really the point of clothes, to get attention from the opposite gender?

Hijab removes this by making the man look at the woman as a person and not an object. Flesh that is on display is a reason that men look at women, now this is removed and they are forced to look at what the woman is, not what they are wearing. This is something that the people of the West have to understand. Hijab is about protecting the woman from the eyes of strangers and removing her from the jungle of this world where women are seen as objects that are used to sell everything that you can think of

We live in a society, where women are obssessed with their appearances and wear clothes to be seen by others and to attract the attention of men, I would like to know WHY!!!, women have lost all sense of modesty, and have no shame, “Do You not fear Allah’? ask yourselves this Question. On the day of Qiyaamah, what will you do when questioned as to why you did not wear your Hijaab? I certainly do not think any excuse you make will be valid, these are islamic laws and we should abide by them.

Islam protects the woman; it is for this reason that Allah gave these laws. In today’s society womankind are being exploited, female sexuality is being openly used in advertising, mainly to attract the desires of men and therefore sell the product. Is the woman really free in today’s society? The answer is obviously NO. The constant bombardment by the media as to how the ideal woman should look and dress testifies to this.

Islam liberated woman over 1400 years ago. Is it better to dress according to man or God?

O Prophet “Tell thy Wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them. That will be better, so that they may be recognized and not harassed. Allah (SWT) is ever Forgiving, Merciful.

(Quraan 33:59)