By Fadia Bint Ismail
The Media Almost every advert in the media shows women with clothes that are revealing. This causes many women into feeling that they have to dress a certain way and even act a certain way. They are faced with temptation to follow their peers because they have to fit into society. They cannot be seen to be wearing clothing that makes them stick out, in the wrong way! In other words clothes that conceal and not reveal. This is something that they do when they wear Hijab. It is easy not to wear the Hijab and to wear clothes everyone else wears on or even imitate it. Look at any advert and invariably a woman is used. There is the old saying “Sex sells.” Just about every advert, on the television or in any newspaper, uses attractive women to try to entice males to buy their products. Is this …a honouring of a woman in a society? Or is it using women as an object to sell something? If you look at any film invariably you’ll find the lead male actor with a younger female actor, in some cases much younger. Many older women do not get parts in big budget movies in lead roles like their male peers, they do not re-appear except in movies of lesser importance. As for a man, it is perfectly acceptable for him to grow old and still keep working on big budget movies with his female co-star being constantly changed for another female of a similar age. How many times have you seen an older female actor with a younger male actor? Is this what they mean by equality?