By Fadia Bint Ismail

Modesty is a human characteristic, which may be viewed alternately as a virtue of weakness, most common definition derived from the dictionary is. shyness, simplicity and humility. In todays society these definitions may be considered negative because we live in a society that surrounds itself with self esteem, self respect and self expression. nevertheless a modest person can be viewed to have positive characteristics. Young women often ask can we dress modestly? Yes you can..Modesty does not only come from the way we dress, modesty is also something you can incorporate in your life style. for example quietness, shyness, and simplicity. A life of modesty is lived towards god and eachother. towards god we recognize the source of all our gifts, strengths and abilities. Modesty towards eachother, we show by honouring others before ourselves. There are many different interpretations of what “modesty” requires. Most agree that it is covering the “awrah”, from the belly button to the knees for men and from the head to the toes for women except the hands and the face or eyes, depending on what view one follows.