Allah tells us people do not get anything except what they strive for. When we reflect upon the seerah we know that the outstanding life happens when we make deliberate duas and actions. Our time in this world is limited…..
>> Work out your life mission and make each task you to be part of that

>> life mission, … – gain 10 years.

>> Stop meaningless technological distractions eg TV, internet surfing

>> for no reason, – gain 10 years.

>> Wake up for fajr and don’t go back to bed- start the say straight >> away, – gain 10 years.

When Allah asks us the questions below your answer will be a whole lot better when you consider the above.

The feet of each slave of Allah (swt) will *not move* on the day of judgement until four questions have been asked:

1. How did you spend your life?

2. How did you spend your youth?

3. What did you do with your knowledge?

4. How did you make your wealth and how did you spend it?

Time should be the most precious thing to you in your life.
Get out of comfort zone