Sadaqah is a voluntary charity, it helps strengthen your faith. the more you do the more you erase your bad deeds.

Sadaqah is not only monetary . there are many deeds that are considered Sadaqah. if someone wishes to give Sadaqah and you assist in its delivery you are rewarded for giving Sadaqah yourself.

Aisha(RA) related that the Prophet (SAW) informed them as to who would follow him in death saying. “The one who has the longest hands amongst you would meet me most immediatly” [Muslim]

She further said: “The Prophets wives used to measure their hands as to who was the biggest. it was the hand of Zainab that was the longest among them, as she used to work with her hands and spend that income in charity” [Muslim]

It was Zainab bin Jahsh whose long hand reached out to the poor so often, not with money but food and other things that she had to give, she was the first of his wives to die after him.

The Prophet (SAW) said “Every Muslim has to give Sadaqah”. he was asked “if someone has nothing to give what should he do?” he said “He should work with his hands and benefit himself and also give in charity from what he earns” The people then asked “if he cannot find even that?” he replied “then he should perform good deeds and keep away from evil deeds and this will be regarded as charitable deeds” [Bukhari and Muslim]

He also said ” None of you women should consider even a sheeps trotter too insignificant a gift to give to her neighbour” [Bukhari and Muslim]

Mu’aadh Bin Jabal related from the Prophet (SAW) “Sadaqah exstinguished sin as water exstinguishes fire” [Ahmad, Al Tirmidi and Ibn Maajah]

The Prophet (SAW) said ” The Believers shade on day of ressurection will be his Sadaqah” [Ahmad]