(Allahumma Ati Nafsi Taqwaha wa Zakkiha anta khayru man zakkiha anta waliyyuha wa mawlaha)

“O Allah grant my soul its piety and purify it, you are the best to purify it, you are its guardian and master”


  • To learn to cleanse ourselves
  • To learn the pillars of Tawbah
  • To enable ourselves to be eligible candidates for Jannah
  • To bring spirituality into our daily lives
  • To get peace and tranquillity in both worlds


TaqwahaTaqwa means to take shield from something to be on one’s guard. Taqwa is consciousness that saves a person from the punishment of Allah.

ZakkihaTazkiya comes from the word Zakaah which has 3 meanings.

  1. Increase or to grow
  2. Good praise or thanoo jameel
  3. To clean from dirt or filth and then beautify

Waliyyuha– Al- Waliyy is one of the authentic names of Allah (Allah is Alwaliyy, The one who completely presides over all of the universal affairs of creation and to whom belongs the managing of everything)

MawlahaAl Mawla is also an authentic name of Allah more than a wali.


Islam has three dimensions or levels, which in Arabic are called Islam, Iman, and Ihsan. Islam (submission) refers to having the correct actions, that is, ones that are in accordance with the Quran and Sunna.Iman (faith) refers to having the correct knowledge (Aqidah). Ihsan (excellence) refers to having the correct motivations.

Much attention is given to Islam and Iman and to matters of Shari’a and Aqidah. But Ihsan is important too. Having the correct motivations means purifying our souls from hypocrisy, caprice, heedlessness, and everything else that keeps us from serving Allah SWT for His sake alone. This purification of the soul is called Tazkiyah.

  • Was the aim of all the Prophets
  • Aim of Dawah
  • Cause of Success- Falaah means striving and enduring with hardship to reach success.
  • Guidance

Surah Ash-Shams “Indeed who succeeds, who purifies his own self, and indeed he fails who corrupts his own self” (91:9-10).