I read this article in a islamic magazine and it really grabbed my attention and i thought i should share it with everyone. i will clarify it in a brief conclusion and also add to my own understanding. Inshallah.

What if a castrophe happens to you? if everything you possess is taken away and there is nothing left. by his mercy Allah says to you “do not be anxious Allah provides for anyone he wills without reckoning”

When a disaster befalls you. you should not say we are lost or we are finished they must remember that Allah provides for anyone he wills without reckoning and he will take care of their provisions for them.There is a difference between belief and disbelief, the unbeliever is the one when a disaster befalls him and the means of life are restricted for him he will either commit suicide or go mad why? because he does not believe in Allah and he has nothing but material existence to depend on.

No Matter what befalls you sometimes we are weak, we are humans so we have that natural emotion in us to sometimes act in a way that is not befitting of a believer but ultimately we should always remember to put our Yaqeen (Certainty) in Allah (SWT) because he gives to whom he wills. Allah leaves our hands empty in order for us to recieve something better, this should always be in the heart of the believer and through it they will always find contentment.

This Dunyah is only an illusion the real life is in the Akhirah.

As a Muslim A true believer in Allah (SWT) the greatest, the almighty and the lord of all creations remember that through difficulty comes ease and Allah knows best.