By Fadia Bint Ismail.

This is a series of thoughts and lectures and many other things that I have thought and which I listened to over the years and i only saw it befitting to enlighten all of you with my compilation inshallah.

First of All, love? What is it? Well in my definition true love is only when our hearts are immersed in the love for Allah. As I said in my previous post about the word LOVE, I say true love is only found when your heart and your entire soul are truly in love with Allah (SWT).  When you have contentment and your Yaqeen (Certainty) is truly with Allah that word “Rare” can definitely be used, because not everyone can find that true love and that relationship with Allah will then be truly rare.

First let us speak about the heart because everything begins in the heart. The heart is the core and centre of one’s self the heart is never still and it is always turning it changes all the time physically and spiritually the heart is the place where our emotions emanate.

The physiological aspect of the heart is that it pumps all day long and the intellectual part of the heart is that the heart lies at the core of our thinking process.

The heart is the entity within us that Allah looks at. Priority lies in the heart. A good heart equals a good person and a bad heart equals a bad person in every aspect. The faith of a servant will never be correct unless the heart is correct and the heart will never be correct unless the tongue is correct. But that is another part of the discussion that we will get into regarding the tongue.

The heart is the target of all temptations all our enemies are aiming for our heart and who are our enemies? Our Nafs, Shaytaan, whims and fancies and the love of this Dunya and the attachment we have towards it.

Nabi (SAW) said temptation is the tool that our enemies use to take us away from the straight path so which ever heart absorbs that temptation there will be a black mark on that heart and whichever heart rejects that temptation a white mark will be made on that heart until there are two types of hearts.

So always remember to try to renew yourself and purify your heart every single day through the remembrance of Allah (SWT) and surely your heart will always remain good, for the sake of Allah.

 “Indeed Allah does not look to our form, or your wealth, but indeed he looks at your heart”