By Fadia Bint Ismail

We’ll let me begin by speaking about Modern Times.

I’m sure many of you have heard family and friends either tell you or speak about modern times and how we should try to keep up with it and leave our old fashioned lives alone. have you ever heard the saying times change but Islam does not…this should be a constant reminder to one self that even though the world is changing and growing so rapidly you can barely catch your breath, that we should always remember that ISLAM does not change. think of it like this everything we need to know is found in Islam, Islam is the core to everything and Allah gives us this blessing through the glorious Quran which is a guidance for us all especially when we feel lost, The Quran helps us through our daily lives whether it be older times, or current “Modern Times” if ever you decide to page to any verse, surah or ayah in the Quran and after you look up the meaning trust me that very Ayah will help you and guide you and it will express whatever you are going through.

Today you see men and women emulating and incorporating the western modern culture into their lives, dress code the manner of speaking and how they go about their daily lives. Islam does teach us that we should keep up with the times and not fall behind but today many people are neglecting Islam and they are more focused on the attachments of this Dunya.

How does love fall into the “Modern Times” category well for example boys and girls feel the need to have illicit Haraam relationships with one another they attach themselves to one person “let’s get to know one another and then see where it leads” this is always the case and in the end either party is either heart broken or their entire soul is damaged because they fell prey to the temptations that shaytaan has presented to them. I am not saying that love is incorrect because Islam is about loving one another and Allah loves us all but it is how we behave in such matters, each and every one of us has experienced it some time in our life but if you are amongst the few that have changed your life to live and love only for sake of Allah (SWT) then may Allah be pleased with you and if you have not then there is always hope because Allah (SWT) is most merciful and he guides whom he wants without reckoning.  Boyfriend and Girlfriend relationships are not the only thing that is happening in the Modern Era.

I have heard many women also say that their boyfriends do not like it when they wear Hijab or if they dress a certain way and vice versa many women want the clean cut ambitious successful men not that being successful is wrong but today character seems to take a back seat. This is unrealistic ideals. if you have a guy who does not think you look good in hijab or tells you to remove it then he is not the one for you because if you decide to take it off for him then it means that in your eyes he is Allah and that is Shirk and Allah punishes those who associate anything or anyone with him. the same goes for women if you want a man to be romantic and to chase you in the Haraam ways it will only end in destruction and not only will you damage your soul you will earn the displeasure of Allah, would you really want to give up your life for someone who does not have your best interest at heart or would you want to give your life to Allah (SWT) who will always love you and take care of you? think about it.

Another important aspect that will shape how a person handles anything in towards times is from their parents and how they behave and what they teach their kids. Sometimes though many parents try their very best but other factors fall prey such as the friends their children associate with which also adds to the cultivation and the way your character grows.

Happiness in every aspect no matter what age we are living in is only found in loving and remembering Allah (SWT). Love is for Allah and the best form of love is to love someone for the sake of Allah in the sphere of marriage. Marriage is a Sunnah it is fulfilling half you’re Deen, is that not the only relationship you would want? The only relationship that will earn the pleasure of Allah that will allow you to express all your passions in the halaal way.

Modern times. Well I think all this is over rated. So many people say but the time of the Prophet (SAW) is different we cannot do this we cannot do that, how does anyone formulate such things in their mind. Of cause we can live in the time of the Prophet (SAW) we have the Sunnah of the Nabi (SAW), his characteristics his manner and his family these are all lessons for us so that we can live according in this time and for the sake of Allah (SWT).

Your flashy car that you have, your big house everything that you think brings you happiness are all an illusion and will never bring you true contentment. True contentment is only found in the hereafter.

Remember everything you do should always be done in moderation and everything is a test from Allah (SWT).