Many a time in our life we feel the need to improve ourselves, spiritual, moral and material. whether we are improving ourselves internally or externally we should always remember that when we do it in the correct way we will internalise and develop ourselves spirtually which will help us morally and materially. Through Allah’s grace and mercy surely we will increase our self development for the sake of him Inshallah.

The Path to Allah is only illuminated when a person recognises the central place of Allah in his life and strives to develop himself accordingly.

The best way to cleanse yourself in order to develop yourself internally and externally is through Tazkiya which is to purify and to cleanse oneself from anything that is unwholesome, undesirable and unwelcoming. Success and happiness in this world and in the hereafter depend on tazkiya the purification and nuturing of our personality.

“Successful indeed is the one who purifies his wholeself” [ash shams 91:9]