Allah SWT Has Created This World In Perfect Order


All The Galaxies, Sun, Moon, Weather And Seasons Are Running

In Order And With Discipline!

If we follow the system that Allah SWT created, we will flourish and prosper; whereas anytime we try to break away from this system, even if we attain temporary success, in the long run we will falter and suffer.


Allah SWT has given humans a variety of forms and personalities, but all of us are either leaders or followers by nature and by assignments that Allah SWT has allocated for us.



Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Said

All Of You Are Guardians And Are Responsible For Your Wards

The Ruler Is A Guardian And Responsible For His Subjects

The Man Is A Guardian Of His Family

The Woman Is Guardian In Her Husbands House

And Responsible For Her Wards

A Servant Is Guardian Of His Masters Property

And Responsible For His Ward

So All Of You Are Guardians And Are Responsible For Your Wards!


As a Muslim, we have to be the best follower or leader depending on our personalities and role in life. Prophet Muhammad [saw] said Allah loves a servant who when performing a task does so skillfully.