I do believe that every good thing necessary to my success is in the hands of my creator and cherisher who is nearer to me than my hands and feet. I expect from him every good, i anticipate success, i believe that the divine intelligence guides me into happiness, peace and bliss for i know that Allah is the source of Happiness, peace and bliss, i know that i am living right now in the spirit of wholeness and happiness. i am looking through the eyes of happiness at the presence of happiness and wholeness accepting them in full.

“Without first creating order in our mind it is impossible to bring happiness into our life”

(The mind is the maker of all mishief and misery. when the mind is utterly quite, still and silent, perfect tranquility prevails which is our real state, in other words in the thought free state of our mind alone we can attain happiness)

Without self observation it is impossible to have any kind of mastery over our mind.

Whatever you have in your mind – forget it;

Whatever you have in your hand – give it; Whatever is to be your fate – face it!

If you make intense supplicationand the timing of the answer is delayed,do not despair of it.His reply to you is guaranteed;but in the way He chooses,not the way you choose,and at the moment He desires,not the moment you desire.