The world is changing daily and many Muslims find it difficult to adjust to the way of life in the country they are living in, I recently listened to a very profound lecture about the 4 fundamentals and how if we implement them properly our muslim community will be rock solid. You may be living in a country where you have freedom of religion, but some countries do not offer this, that is why we need to strengthen our communities.

1) Quran – Learn it properly, the deep meaning, the more you study Quran the more open minded you will become. The Quran makes you more intellectual and it is incredibly spiritual.

2) Salah– When you have a healthy relationship with the Quran, Salah gives you the opportunity to refresh your faith every time, when Salah is not connecting you to the Quran, then nothing will connect you. When our Salah is empty our Deen is empty. Salah helps to maintain many things

  • The state of the Ummah – if the Salah is good the whole thing is good, the heart of Salah is to connect to the word of Allah to have a deep relationship. And therefore helps to fix the problem of the Ummah.
  • Emaan- if Salah is good Emaan is good.
  • Thikr – The reminder of Allah is through Thikr.

3) Jumuah– Salatul Jumuah- it is the convention of Muslims every week. it gives us the opportunity no other Ummah has, to connect even though most baddest people to Allahs book, each friday no matter what every muslim attends Jumuah, Christians have church every Sunday, but if a person is not religious they won’t go to church, but Jumuah to the Muslims is a sacred day and no matter how low their faith may be at the time, it’s still a day they attend.

4) Study of the Seerah of the Prophet (SAW) when you study the life of our Prophet (SAW) you will get a sense of identity connecting us to his legacy.   These are basic fundamentals that we all should know about, and if we have neglected them, once we strengthen it, our communities our Ummah will be strengthened.   We are living in a westernized world, and the temptations and desires can distract us, we may have the most learned scholars etc., but if you are not doing your part as an individual, then how can we become one community, or one Ummah.