Tawheed, Do we really know the reality of this word. By Grace of Allah this word is known by every muslim. Tawheed is the oneness of Allah, it means unification meaning to make something one, but it can be divided into three categories.

1) The unity of Allah’s Lordship, Know as Tawheedur -Ruboobiyyah, this means that everything in the universe is created by Allah- derived from the name Al Khaliq also meaning The creator, through this we know that Allah alone controls the universe, In the Quraan Al Malik is a name of Allah meaning The owner of the Universe.


In The hadeeth. The Prophet (SAW) said “beware that if the whole of mankind gathered together inorder to do something to help they would only be able to do something which Allah had already written for you, likewise if the whole of mankind came together to harm, they would only be able to do something to you which Allah has written already to happen to you”

2) The unity of Allah’s Names and Attributes– Also known as Tawheed-Al-Asma-Wa-Siffat

Allah Says in the Holy Quraan

There is no God but him. To Him belong the most beautiful names” (Qur’an, 20:8)

This helps us understand who our creator is, through his names and attributes

Allah Says in the Quraan

The is nothing like him, and he hears and sees everything (Qur’an, 42:11)

3) The unity of Allah’s Worship- Also known as Tawheed al-Ibadah, it is the aspect which could be said is the most important, because it helps teach us how to worship our creator.

To conclude, learning the Tawheed of Allah is the most important thing to whole of humanity, for if we learn to worship our creator with sincerity then and only then will we be able to escape the captivity of this Dunya, by worshipping Allah you will find true inner peace and success.


When true Tawheed is actualised in the life of an individual, the benefits therein are fulfilling and produces the best results.

1) Liberation of mankind through the worship of Allah and Allah alone. It liberates an individuals mind, obedience, submission and humility, liberation his entire life.

2) Personality remains Balanced giving direction in ones life.

3) Tawheed is a security in ones life, because it fills the soul of the individual with peace and satisfaction, and tawheed blocks the ways of fear and loss of provisions. The believer fears nothing but Allah and Allah alone, and thus feels secure in everyday life.

4) Tawheed is the source of strengthening the soul because it gives you a strong, formidable mental attitude, which fills the soul in hope of Allah, confidence in Allah and reliance upon Allah, pleasure with his decree and patience with his tests.

“If Allah touches you with harm, none can remove it except Him.” [Surah An’am 6:17]

5) Tawheed is the unity of brotherhood and equality