As the chill of the winter air approaches we are once again reminded that while we are all wrapped up, there will be many less fortunate that will be exposed to the rain and cold. Fortunately, Muslim Hands have taken on the mighty task of catering for thousands of those who will find the winder too much to bear. By providing food, blankets and other essential items, Muslim Hands will ensure that thousands of people are protected from the bitter cold this winter.

Please contribute genoursly to Muslim Hands Project Ubushushu and allow us to be your extended hand of warmth this winter.

the “One Blanket Campaign” we are appealing to you to bring us a spare blanket. A spare blanket goes a long way in helping us keep South Africa warm.


Account Details:

Standard bank parow center

Account Number: 071 621 881

branch code: 031110

For overseas donations. use this information

Standard Bank

Account Holder : Muslim Hands Trust

Account Number : 071 621 881

Branch : Parow

Branch Code : 03 111 0