Asalaamualaikum my the grace and mercy of Allah (SWT) i am here today.

I recently came across comment posts by a few people from sister Yasmin Mogahed website and reading their comments made me realise that what ever i am going through is not the end of the world and there are worse things in this Dunya. It truly put contentment in my heart and made me realise all over again the greatness of Allah’s decree.

What is success?

It should be clear in our mind what is success? This Dunya describes success as being wealthy, having good status or to marry a person we love whether he is not fit for us or take us away from Allah. But in reality, to attain this Dunya is not success. You will still be successful no matter if you have nothing, no wealth, status, job or love of a special person etc. The criteria of success is what Allah has defined for us.

Everyone who is striving for Allah, who loves for sake of Allah and does good deeds just for Him and leaves everything which displeases Him or forbidden, is having REAL SUCCESS. If Allah takes that gift (thing or person) away which is a barrier between us and Allah, we still are in loss? If anyone indulges in Dunya and remains away from Allah, is it really a success?

In Quran Allah says: No; but you prefer the present life, whereas the Hereafter is better and more enduring. (86;16-17). Lo! Man is in a state of loss; save those who have faith and do righteous deeds, and counsel each other to hold on to truth and counsel each other to be steadfast. (103; 2-3). So, what you think Allah is still injustice?.

Our Allah in His Mercy, is keeping that person away from you and making your way towards Him. So don’t be hopeless and lose your trust and faith. Be thankful to Allah for His blessings. You have wished for His love. So Allah has made your way towards REAL SUCCESS, SUBHANALLAH. So don’t be sad, Allah is not punishing you or angry with you, this is trap of shaytaan. Don’t bother others, what they are doing or saying. and remember each hardships is designed by Allah to purify us. To make gold pure, it has to be heated. Diamond is diamond, but to make it shiny, it has to undergo several cuts. Remind yourself all these things again and again whenever you are in agony.

To leave this Dunya (person or thing), no doubt, seems to be difficult. And also we feel we are unable to do well. But remember we have to strive after each fall in a same way as an infant ultimately learns to walk after multiple falls. If he leaves struggle, he would never be able to walk. Just have trust and faith. Allah has best plan for you. He has selected for you the best person, be patient. Ask Allah for his help and guidance. He is merciful and loves to forgive His slaves. Recite Quran with tafseer, you will feel as Allah is consoling and guiding you through Quran.

After i read this what ever i faced in the past seemed so small and the time i wasted on worrying about certain things i didnt realise slowly it was taking me away from what is most important. “if we use this Dunya to get to Allah then it will not be an illusion anymore, but if we use this Dunya for people and material gain we have lost the main objective and we shall be amongst the fooled” When i think of this now I sit and wonder how precious time is and shaytaan will try to take that away from you by making you think and do things that will slowly take you away from Allah. Always remember that your Emaan is very important it can either make or break you. Allah will never leave you….Just Remember this….always put your full Yaqeen(certainty) in Allah because when your heart is breaking only Allah can heal it.