We ask Allah to cure our hardships, without ever stopping to consider that our hardships are curing us.

Ever wondered why we fall into despair? perhaps we are focusing to much on the wrong things. when we sin we focus to much on that sin rather than the most merciful…Allah (SWT) and if we feel broken we focus on what is broken instead of the one that can help heal us and when we are in pain we focus on the pain instead of the one who can remove it. In any situation we tend to focus on the negatives and not the positives of the Almighty, who is the nourisher the sustainer, the protector and the healer of all our wounds.

No matter what we face we should always look it as a test, A test which can cure us. think of it like this, you commit a sin and then after you feel so guilty, that guilt alone reminds us of our conscious, it is better to have sinned then if it makes you turn back to Allah.

All our pain that we face is from looking at the creation and not the creator. “Qouted by- Yasmin Mogahed”

Always remember that Allah(SWT) will never burden you with something that you cant cope with and the closer we want to get to him the greater the test will be. I know it will be difficult believe me but at the end of the day what is better suffering in this Dunya or suffering in the Akhirah?

I make dua that everyone finds peace and tranquility in everything that they do and if you do everything in your life for the sake of Allah, be sure that your life will be beautiful and fulfilling Inshallah.