Love- True Love

By Fadia Bint Ismail

Love what is it really?  Many women and men say true love is rare to find, I say true love is only found when your heart and your entire soul is truly in love with Allah (SWT).  When you have contentment and your Yaqeen (Certainty) is truly with Allah that word “Rare” can definitely be used, because not everyone can find that true love and that relationship with Allah will be truly rare.

I wrote this poem to express how i would feel if i were married or to be married.

I have come to realise, the love I felt before was the love that should have been ignored. Love can be pure and love can be impure, I think I should have been more aware for the love felt without Allah is the love that will destroy me.

I never understood the meaning until I met you, they say love is rare but I say I don’t care for the only rare love is the love I have for Allah and through him I have learnt the true love I have for you.

You walked into my life; you showed me a whole new way, a way that would lead me to Allah. I have made so many mistakes before you came into my life but if I could ask Allah for anything it is you that I will beseech. Take my hand and let us walk toward Jannah, for nothing is more sacred than earning Allah’s pleasure.

The road ahead may become difficult, but with difficulty comes ease that is Allah’s promise to us. I close my eyes making Dua to Allah to grant us happiness for sake of him for truly pleasure lies within our worship to him.

I cannot wait to be your wife, for I will show you my true devotion, my true love which is for the sake of Allah.