Asalaamualaikum to all my fellow bloggers and viewers, my Muslim sisters and brothers in Islam. Ramadan is coming up soon Inshallah and i only saw it befitting that we should have a series of discussions about Ramadan and what we can all do in order to make it even greater Inshallah. A friend of mine and a contributor to this post spoke about a few things in his lecture that he gave and i thought why not share it with everyone and Inshallah perhaps it will help us and give us some inspiration.

The talk began with the Dua of Nabi (SAW) for the upcoming months, Rajab, Shaban and then the month of Ramadan. The discussion was about a pure heart and what better than a pure heart to start this Ramadan. The dua from a pure heart is always accepted and the miracle of our Deen to just say Allah Tahlil Salawaat to make Thikr is a form of purification. As Muslims we should always try to purify our hearts (Tazkiya) because sometimes we do not realise when our heart is leading us astray this could be from unintentional sins and even intentional sins and therefore it is always good to make Thikr to remember Allah (SWT) and to make Dua to him to purify our hearts. A pure heart will be reflected because our intentions are also pure and when our intentions are pure our actions are pure. “Actions are judged by intentions”

Sometimes we ask ourselves why are my Dua’s not being answered, why is this happening? instead of asking this why not ask yourself is my heart right.

Ramadan is a month of purity, a month where we can rid ourselves from all the desires of this Dunya, to immerse ourselves, to immerse our hearts and souls in gaining the love of Allah (SWT) but first we need to purify our hearts and make the correct intentions to do everything for the sake of Allah and then Inshallah we will flourish.

In my next post Inshallah i will discuss the beauty of Surah Fatiha being the first surah that we recite and have to recite every time we make Nemaaz., it is only befitting that we all understand the importance of this Surah.