By Fadia Bint Ismail


How much do you love our Nabi (SAW)? Can you answer this? You haven’t physically met him, but you love him, correct?

We should always remember that even though we have not met the Nabi (SAW) we should always remember to not be detached from him because his reflection shines through all of us.

I read a very good story about Hadrat Uwais Qarni who was sent the garment that Nabi (SAW) wore as the demise of the Holy Prophet neared. Hadrat Umar and Hadrat Ali were sent to give Hadrat Uwais Qarni the garment and he Wept and asked them to describe the Prophet (SAW) as he had never met him and Hadrat Umar and Hadrat Ali could not and Hadrat Uwais Qarni began to describe the blessed eye brows of the Nabi (SAW) and then ended the conversation saying” Even though I am not physically present in his service, I am still not detached from the reflection of the Beloved”

From this story it should be clear that even though we are not present in the service of our Beloved Nabi (SAW) we should always remain attached. This is truly an elevated status because our inner self’s are blessed with the sight of Nabi (SAW) beauty and splendour. For those who have great love for the Prophet (SAW) he is forever in front of their inner, spiritual eyes.