Letter of Appeal for Qiraa’ah day

On 15th July 2012 at Salaamudeen Mosque C/O candytuff & Sesame Street New Lenteguer

– +/- 20 Fruit bouquets for the Shuyookh Qaris, boys and girls who will be reciting parts of the Glorious Quraan from memory (Hafith Students) to be presented to them before Thurh Salaah.
+/- 250 Party packs for the students of our local Madressa
+/- 250 pies, Samoosas, koekisters, tea, drinks, sugar for breakfast.

1- This way we can thank the Almighty Allah, our sponsors, those who contribute and those who recieve the food and those who assist to make this event successful Inshallah, Ameen.

2- We should also make dua for our sponsors, so that the Almighty Allah grants them health, wealth for their business, home. 3- For our sick, unemplyed and deceased.

4- For our youth, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and our children who are on substance abuse (drugs and other intoxicants) to leave the evil ways to come nearer to Allah (SWT) for the Esaale Sawaab for our parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. If you would like to sponsor anything towards this wonderful event please contact Chairman- Abobakr Dramat on (021) 372 2666/ 0786332565

or Secretary – Fareed Abrahams on 08224727705

or email Al Maamana almaamana.organisation@gmail.com