Asalaamualaikum to my Muslim sisters and brothers in Islam. i came across a post a while back about cleansing our hearts. i thought i should share it and Inshallah help those who want to cleanse their hearts for the sake of Allah.

Your relationship with Allah depends on your heart being clean. Everytime you expose it to filth, more dirt, more blackness, more covers are poured on top of your heart and it keeps on pouring and pouring to the point where your listening to the word of Allh and you cant even get yourself to shed a single tear. It wont come because your heart has become so hard because of all the exposure to filth. All the sin that your eyes are taking in all the time.

A good heart when it sees something inappropriate that doesnt coincide with the commandments of Allah, it is disturbed.

He knows the stealing of the eyes, that little glance you caught, and he knows what the chests are hiding.

We need to fix ourselves and keep those forbidden things away from us before our hearts become to hard. if that means unfollowing those people who have been a negative force in your life in order to set yourself right then that is the path you should take.

We should always remember that Allah sees everything before we even intend for it or before we even act upon it.

This is also a good preparation for the month of Ramadan that we should constantly be cleansing our hearts Inshallah. Have a good pure heart is what a true believer should have and having a good pure heart will help us be more productive in the month of Ramadan.