When you look at me all you can see is the scard that covers my hair.

My words you can not hear because you are to full of fear, mouth gaping all you do is stare.

You think its not my choice, in your liberation you rejoice, your so thankful that you are not me,

You think that i am uneducated, trapped, opressed and subjugated, Your so thankful that you are free,

But WESTERN WOMEN, you have it all wrong, your the weak and im the strong, for i have rejected the trap of man, fancy clothes, low neck, short skirt, these are devices for pain and hurt,Im not falling for that little plan. Always jumping to the male agenda,competing on his terms, No job, No creche facilities, No feeding and nappy changing amentaties, No time off for Menstrual pain, “hormones” they laugh what a shame.No equal pay, for equal skill, Your job they can always fill, No promotion unless your sterilised, no promotion unless your sexually terrorised…and you call this LIBERATION!!

Im A person with ideas and thoughts, im not for sale and i can not be bought, i wont decorate anyones arm nor be promoted as a charm, there is more to me than playing coy.

Living life is a balancing game, who thought up this modern freedom, where man can love them and man can leave them, this is not free but love in a cage.

WESTERN women you can have your life, mine is less strife, i cover and i get respected, surely thats what is to be expected, for i wont demean the feminine, i wont life to a male criterion, i dance in my own tune and i hope you see this very soon, for your own sake wake up and use your sight/