By Fadia Bint Ismail


You probably are wondering why I have the title “The Sad Reality” but so many things in this Dunyah need to be addressed. It is truly a sad reality that so many of our Muslim Sisters and Brothers are corrupting themselves with so much filth, dressing inappropriately, drinking, nightclubs, pre-marital relationships and they are even sexually active, Yes in today’s society everyone is doing it, being pure being a virgin being one for Allah (SWT) is not what this generation aspires toward, being a Virgin is seen to be something that is taboo and if you say you are a virgin don’t many of you get a smug laugh from many people and that even from your own Muslim friends or even family.

What has this world come to? What has our Muslim generation come to? Ask yourself this? Where are the values that every child should have embedded within them, the faith and the true love of Allah, Many have gone astray.

To reform someone is not always easy, but Dawah (Calling one to Islam) should be given first to those family members who are close to you and even this to will be a mission. Your family will start to mock you, throw past things in your face but remember that when the prophets went out to call people to Islam they faced so much humiliation and mockery but the one quality that they possessed was Sabr (Patience) and if you find this mission difficult for you then go back and read the stories of the Prophets and trust me whatever your fears were, whatever difficulties you thought you had will seem so small because you will learn patience from those before you. Inshallah.


The sad reality is that even some parents allow their children to go astray. but the blame can’t be on the parents alone because it is fact that if your surround yourself with the wrong people then you will become like them. It is best that you should surround yourself with people who remind you of Allah everyday. A true friend who is on the path of Deen would never persuade you to do Haraam things that would destroy your relationship with Allah.


Premarital relationships…well what can i say we have all been here, falling in love believing that the person you are with is your one true love and you can not live without them, but this is the sad reality that many of today’s generation find themselves in because they seek for confirmation and comfort from the wrong source. The only one we should seek confirmation and comfort from is Allah because ALWAYS remember that when everyone leaves you and believe me when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship it can only end in disaster because eventually they will leave and then what do you have? you will only have Allah.


The Sad Reality…We are living in a Western world where fitting in is the main objective and if you have this thought in your mind then surely you will go astray. but if you are a true Muslim and your Yaqeen (certainty) lies in Allah alone then you will be successful in every endeavour Inshallah.


And the Sad Reality is…as the generation gets older the weaker their faith becomes.


But we make Dua that Inshallah Allah will guide us all and keeps us all on the straight path Inshallah.