By Fadia Bint Ismail

Asalaamualaikum to all my fellow Muslim sisters and Brothers in Islam. I will be starting a series of posts about the Art of Dawah. The Art of Dawah. What is it about? Well Dawah is first and foremost calling people to the fold of Islam. It is the duty of every Muslim to give Dawah.

In the Quran Dawah means to live according to Allah’s will. Dawah is not only aimed at calling Non-Muslims to Islam it is also to help fellow Muslims understand the Deen better, for example if you see a friend or family member going astray or doing things that are not in accordance to the law of Allah then it is your duty to go out and speak to them and this is called Dawah.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) went out daily in his lifetime to give Dawah to the people and to call them to Islam.

And I think that it is incumbent on every Human being, every Muslim to go out and help those so that they can better understand Islam Inshallah.

The Art of Dawah- it seems easy to just go out and give Dawah but there are specific things that each of us require. It is not a special skill or a qualification but it is in our mannerism and how we approach potential Muslims.

We should always keep in mind that it is hard to get people to hear you. and the perfect example was in the time of the Prophets how difficult it was for them, they were mocked and were thrown with stones and this is reality you will face the same thing people are not going to want to listen to you but have Sabr (patience) like those before you and Inshallah- through Allah’s divine mercy and guidance you will overcome every difficult obstacle.Inshallah