Asalaamualaikum to all my bloggers and viewers.

The Muslim Hands Hoot2Warm drive Alhamdulilah went very well, All praises goes to Allah (SWT) for blessing us and protecting us and for giving us the strength and the ability to help those less fortunate. Success only lies in Allah and only Allah provides to whom he wills.
I would like to say Jazakallah to all our Volunteers from all of us here at Muslim Hands. This initiative would not have been successful without them and all of their Dua’s. It definitely was not easy to go out there at 7am in the morning but it was truly amazing to see everyone putting aside their own needs in order to help those less fortunate and i truly enjoyed meeting and participating with all the volunteers.

I thought i would share an email that was sent to the Muslim Hands team by Ayesha Bibi Khan. It describes her experiences as well as all other Volunteers who participated in the Hoot2Warm drive.

Pictures will also be provided of the event. Inshallah

Assalaamu Alaikum

I hope you all well, insha’Allah 🙂

On behalf of myself and all the volunteers that were connected to me, I would just like to say that it was an awesome experience being part of MH Hoot2Warm. Being out early morning in the cold, in the holidays is something everyone would be hesitant about doing, and we all were. But, once we were there the first time, we wanted to go do it again. And that’s something that I always try explaining to my family (my generation. Lol.) and to my friends. Just try doing it once, and you’ll never want to give up that feeling of doing charity, of doing good because it really can’t be replaced with anything else.

Ml. Sarfaraaz, I commend you on just going with it. Despite the criticism. And for making it as “youth-friendly” as possible. The volunteers could sense that.

Fadia, you had amazing patience with the volunteers, communicating whenever was suitable to them. I honestly don’t think anyone else could have done it better 🙂

I make duah that MH carries on being an organisation that leads. That sticks with going with gut instincts. And that leaves a mark of hope that no one forgets. Ameen.

Jazak’Allah for allowing us all to be part of it 🙂

Have an awesome day further!



P.S. I look forward to doing it again next year, and to one day drive to work and receive a Hoot2Warm pamphlet ;). Keep up the great work.