As the month of Ramadan approaches us many people are in a more charitable mood than other times, this is truly a fact but Alhamdulilah.

We are going to discuss the meaning of Fitra and Fidya and also the amount of money that is payable, bare in mind that prices that are given are in South African currency.

What is Fitra?

Fitra is payable by the head of the family, ie: Your father or elder brother if your father is no longer and if you are married then your husband pays on behalf of the wife. The head of the family will pay Fitra to members that are under his care. He may also include spouse or children that are able to support themselves and also should include elderly parents living with the family.

Fitra is the annual compulsory charity that every Muslim should pay to ensure that all Muslims are able to enjoy the day of EID.

South African Fitra price: R 28 per person

What is Fidya?

Fidya is payable for those who are unable to fast in the month of Ramadan provided that they have a valid reason.

Fidya is 1/4 of the Fitra price which is paid for the amount of days that the person is not able to fast.