1) Don’t sleep during the day and pray all night. By doing this you are converting the day into night and the night into day, which is not the purpose of fasting.

2) Avoid being lazy and inactive during the day.

3) Don’t waste time playing games during the day. Rather please Allah (SWT) by increasing in your worship of him.

4) Avoid having Iftaar parties. Ramadan was not meant to be a food extravaganza.

5) Don’t ask your wife to spend the Ramadan in the kitchen.Eat something light and quick.

6) Spend the last 10 days worshiping Allah rather than trying to prepare for Eid. A day that is better than a thousand months is in these last 10 days you cant afford to miss it.

7) Don’t stay awake the full night. Your body has a right over you and when it wants rest. then rest.

8) Avoid excessive socialising after taraweeh.

9) Avoid shopping alot in Ramadan.

10) Don’t eat the full night.

11) Don’t loiter around at night rather than worshiping Allah.

12) Eid doesnt require loads of preparation. Don’t fall into this trap. Keep it simple and it will be blessed.


Allah has blessed us with this month of Ramadan. So make the most of it.