By Fadia Bint Ismail

I feel like I am on an

Everlasting wave which won’t set onto the shore.

I hold out my hands trying to grasp at what is ahead of me, I cannot hold onto it.

I am chasing a shadow.

Chasing what is not meant to be.

My Heart feels tortured.

But I smile silently but inside I am dying.

The turner and controller of hearts can only ease what I feel.

I close my eyes.

Supplicating to the one most merciful to free my heart and fill my soul with his love.

O Allah, Al Kabir (The Most Great) Give me that which you want for me.

O Allah, Al Muqtadir (The Powerful) only you know what is to be; only you can ease the pain that I feel.

O Allah, Al Hadi (The Guide) Guide me to everlasting peace; make me amongst the As-Sabirun.

I am riding on this wave.

Al Waliy (The Protector) protect me, watch over me.

Let your name be the last words I speak before……

I take My Last Breathe.