An Innumerable amount of stones and pebbles break off from mountains and hills. Without any regard for them, people and animals merely trample on them. If one of these stones has to become a ruby or a diamond more precious than kingdoms of the world, how distressed will one become if it has to be destroyed?

The Number of raindrops falling on the ocean every year is also countless. from all of these, one enters an open oyster and is transformed into a priceless pearl which is worthy of being set in the crown of a king. If someone casts this pearl back into the ocean, one cannot imagine the grief it will cause to those who realise its value.

The leaves, roots and plants of the wild are also plenty for animals to feed on. if among these there is an extremly rare and delicate rose that can produce a most exquisite perfume one cannot imagine the loss to mankind if this falls prey to harsh weather and wilts away.

Spirituality, time is neither measured by mans calender nor by the earths orbit around the sun. The appointed time for a soul to return to Allah is when it has perfected itself. from Allah we came and to Allah we shall return. Ameen