By Fadia Bint Ismail

I used to be proud of what i had.

What did i do wrong to diminsh the love he held for me.

I was a thornless rose he held in his hands.

I lost my composure. As our Nabi (SAW) said not to. But i was to stubborn to see the right way.

I sit alone. My eyes are closed. Im walking on this empty road.

My heart feels full of pain. But Allah the One and Only will ease my pain.

What if? are words which should never touch our lips. This is Shaytaan’s trap.

What if? I never lost myself.

What if? but those are thoughts i should let go of.

O Allah; The One who gives me radiance and sunshine, help me wipe away my tears, help me love what you have set out for me. O Allah fill my heart with that which pleases you. Fill my heart with the love of your Rasul (SAW).

Embed in me the character of those Sahabiyaat before me. O Allah help me lead a righteous life from all this evil strife.

Let my eyes see what is pure. Let my hands touch what is good. Let my lips speak what is morally sound and let my heart and soul be for you Alone.

O Allah, My heart is full of gratitude. You have guided me. With all the pain and the tears. The words on my lips i utter, Alhamdulilah. That is what i am proud of.