By Fadia Bint Ismail


My Dear Mother for 9 months you sheltered me within your womb.

Now born. You Held me within your arms cradling me within your lap.

O My Darling Mother you have nutured me, feed me, protected me and held my hands before i took my first step.

You whispered in my ears the words the words of our Rasul (SAW) before you laid me to rest to give me protection from the evils that crept.

With each step of my life.

With each year i grew older you were my strength. You were my protection. You were the light that led my way.

O My Mother, My Love and My Strength. Jannah lies beneath your feet. I wish you never have to weep.

O My Mother I Love You more with each passing day for your love never waivers, your love is unconditional.

From the moment Allah (SWT) blessed you with offspring. You instilled in me the qualities of the As Sabirun, the qualities of the Sahabiyaat, the qualities that will enrich my life and be a blessing for the one who Allah has set out for me.

O My Mother each year you grow older. Each wrinkle you have. Each smile and Each Tear you shed truly reflects all that you have endured for me.

O My Mother no amount of gratitude could make up for what you have given me.

So i sit each day, upon my prayer mat making dua to Allah. The Giver. The Protector. The Sustainer. The One who gives Baraka and Khair.

May he shower you with Raghmah and continous strength. Through out your old age.

From Your Loving Daughter Fadia.