Alhamdulillahi wa kafaa, was-Salatu was-salamu `alaa `ibaadihi-lladheena


Wa Ba’d:

Beloved people of Imaan! Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala’s makes things crystal clear when He warns and addresses the despots, the demagogues, the dictators and the rulers who today control the corridors of power throughout the world. He reminds them of the fate awaiting them on the Day of Reckoning in Surah Abasa verses 38 to 42

“The faces of one group of men will be luminous and smiling on the Day when they meet Allah, while the faces of another group will be as if covered with dust; mired in shame, these will be the unbelievers, evil in conduct.

” Ummatal Qur’an! With his own hand, man sows in this life the seed of his life in the Aghirah; he determines himself the fate that will be his in the next world. To express it differently, his eternal life is formed from the materials he himself provides in advance. Selfish men, when they seize power, want worship for themselves or their fantasies, in derogation of the true Creator and Sustainer. Power, which should have been an instrument of good, becomes in their hands an instrument of evil. They and their followers rush into perdition as we learn from verses 28 and 29 of Surah Ibrahim:

“Hast thou not turned thy vision to those who have changed the favour of Allah into blasphemy and caused their people to descent to the house of Perdition? – Into Hell? They will burn therein – an evil place to stay in!

” O you who believe! These verses of the Most Holy Qur’an describe the condition of the leaders of error and misguidance [a’immat al-kufr wa al-dalal], who are surrounded from all sides by the bounties of Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala, yet instead of being grateful to Him, through faith in Him, they leave the path of their Exalted Maker and ungratefully reject His guidance, which is the greatest bounty of Almighty Allah Rabbul Ala’meen bestowed upon mankind. Such leaders are informed that an evil end awaits them in the Aghirah [Hereafter].

Ayyuhal Muslimoon! What is noteworthy is that the evil consequences of their ingratitude are not limited to themselves; they lead their people also into ruin by leading them astray from Almighty Allah’s Way. Because man was given the freedom of will and thought, it becomes his duty to establish pillars of justice in his society. The verses thus indicate the important role of the leaders, statesmen and religious heads, whose views and policies have a decisive impact on the lives of the people, in this world and the next. The problem of leadership, therefore, is one of the most critical issues of human life.

Ih’watal Imaan! Despite its great significance, we see that the issue is not given the importance it deserves in today’s world. Throughout despotic regimes, leadership is imposed upon the people, while in democracies it is left to the vicissitudes of the electoral process and party politics. But that which is common to both is the absence of a clear-cut conception and well defined criteria of competent leadership of society.

Ya Ibad Allah! In Islam, however, the issue has received the attention that it deserves for competent leadership based upon the following criteria. These are: knowledge (scholarship essential for issuing decrees in accordance with Islamic teachings), justice and piety of a high order, political and social perspicacity, courage, administrative capacity and leadership ability. Muslim nation states continue to undergo a crisis of leadership because most of these states are today dominated, repressed and humiliated by global Kufr.

Ayyatuhal Muslimeen! Alas, they are all unable to put up a vigorous Islamic response to the dangers faced by the Muslim Ummah. All this humiliation and most of these disabilities arise from the character of the leaders who have brought their countries and the Ummah as a whole to such an unenviable state. The sorry state of affairs that exist today is when the leadership of any Muslim nation state assert its Islamic identity and independence by basing all its internal as well as foreign policies of Islamic teachings, guide the people morally, spiritually and socially and develop their political consciousness, it will immediately come under the attack of malicious propaganda by the Western press and mass media.

O Ummatul Muslimoon! We observe that in this world the good and evil deeds of men are not subject to any final accounting. Criminals and oppressive rulers, who with their claim of absolute sovereignty encroach on men’s lives and their freedom, may enjoy opulence and luxury until the end of their lives. They shun no action that their polluted minds inspire in them, but they are not caught in the firm grasp of justice and law, and they do not suffer the natural consequences of their evil deeds.

Ma’asheral Muslimeen! There is no power or authority to prevent their oppression, to stop their encroachment on the rights of others, or to restrict the scope of their power to their own private lives. The quality of men’s meeting with Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala depends, then, on the mode of behaviour that has distinguished and characterized them in this world as we learn from verse 6 of Surah Al-Inshiqaq:

“O Man! To the decree that you strive to obey Allah you will in the end meet your Creator.

” Ih’watal Islam! Were the file to be closed in this world on the deeds of the good and the evil so that they were buried for ever in the cemetery of nothingness,what would become of the infinite justice, wisdom, and mercy that Almighty Allah Jallah Wa’ala cherishes for His servants – Allah, the traces of Whose justice and wisdom are manifest throughout His creation?

Fa ya Ayyuhal Muslimoon! If we accept that Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala has created an environment in which numerous evildoers and oppressors are able to continue on their chosen path until the last moment of their lives, without recognizing any limit on their behaviour, to stoop to any vile act in order to gain power and gratify their desires – if we accept that this is possible without their being called to account, and that the oppressed continue to writhe beneath the lash of injustice and deprivation until their last gasp – can all this be called anything but oppression and injustice?

Ibad Allah! Men will come to meet their Most Glorious Creator in ways determined by their deeds, characteristics, and their conduct in this world. This is true both of the pure and the fortunate and of the wretched whose hearts are blackened with oppression and injustice. For all creatures must inevitably submit to the irresistible will of Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala and the unfailing norms He has established; willingly or not, they return to Him. Once the deeds of men reach their conclusion, the results of their acts are revealed and become apparent.

Fa ya Ayyuhan nas! Many crimes are, then, beyond the scope of worldly retribution. If we wish to analyze matters more logically, we must look further, beyond this world. There is also the consideration that no authority in this world has the power to restore to men all the rights which have been violated. Similarly, the world does not have the capacity to reward virtue in the fitting and complete manner. How and where in this world will one be rewarded who devotes all his or her life to the worship of Almighty Allah Azza Wajjal and the support of His servants, whose services extend in manifold ways to whole societies, and who ultimately gives up his or her life for the sake of divine goals?

Alal Muslimeena Jami’ah! To serve Islam is to serve mankind, mankind today is enslaved in the hands of those who supervise them in tyranny. Nations are today caught in the talons of despotic rulers who consider themselves pious and competent, who talk of rectification. Their catch-phrase “new world order” is in reality nothing more than a euphemism for subjugation of the entire world. The willful pagan distortion has two main objectives. Firstly, to create revulsion against the Religion of Truth in the hearts and minds of non-Muslims. Secondly, to embarrass Muslims themselves about their beliefs, traditions and history, so as to cause them doubt.

Ih’watal Aqida! Indeed, those who claim that life is just a day to day struggle for survival, constantly attempt to destroy the weak with the pressure of deprivation: hoping by doing so to strengthen their power and protect their position. They will commit any crime no matter how inhuman in order to satisfy themselves. But as the days pass, the flames of anger rage in the hearts of the oppressed, who inflict great calamities on the lives of tyrants. The agents of oppression abuse the rights of human societies and rob them of their resources and wealth with every available means, while the statute of justice appears helpless.

Ayyuhal Muhminoon! In short, this life full of injustice, subjugation, confusion, repression, Fithnah and oppression is only a small part of the totality of life. One group will earn as the final result of its deeds permanent abode in the propinquity of Almighty Allah’s Mercy, while another group will find itself condemned to be the neighbours of Shaytaan Lanatullahi Alay in eternal torment. Are these two destinies in any way equal – the misery of Jahannum and the great blessing of Jannah? It is up to man to choose freely between them.