By Fadia Bint Ismail

This Month Muslim Hands and participants venture out to trek Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Funds of the event go toward the orphans of Sub-Saharan Africa.

As our participants embark on this journey, facing warm and extremly cold weather conditions we can only hope that their strength and motivation will allow them to reach the top. Inshallah.

Contestants from UK  and South Africa are among the few who have set out to climb this great mountain. The trek spans across 5 days and each day will get a little bit harder.

The ability to venture out on this trek takes courage, strength, discipline and motivation as well as the support of  fellow team mates.

If you would like to follow this event please log onto or visit facebook for either the Muslim Hands UK page or Muslim Hands SA page.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause

please email us at

or Banking Details.

Standard Bank Parow

Acc Numb: 071 621 881

Br Code: 031110

Please use Killimanjaro as reference. Your donation wil go a long way in helping many orphan children.