By Fadia Bint Ismail

Muslim Hands Projects

Alhamdulillah Muslim Hands have helped thousands of needy people during the year. As the year comes to a close let us reflect upon the many projects that have helped hundreds of people in need.

Project Ubushushu:

Ubushushu means warmth. This project is aimed at providing hundreds of families with food parcels and blankets as winter in Cape Town is an extremely testing time for many under privileged communities. Muslim Hands provided blankets and food parcels to 2 735 families. Project Ubushushu was launched in April and Commenced on 17th of May 2012.

Lavenderhill 17th May 2012
Delft 24th May 2012
Macassar 31st May 2012
Bavianskloof 5th June 2012
Parkwood 7th June 2012
Steenberg 12th June 2012
Montague Gift 14th June 2012
Al Mammana 19th June 2012
Al Wagaah(Institute for the Deaf) 21st June 2012
Langa 21st June 2012
Eastridge Mitchells Plain 26th June
Kayelitscha 28th June
Ravensmead 5th July 2012

During Ubushushu. Muslim Hands started the Hoot2Warm campaign. This initiative was aimed at collecting clothes and blankets for the less fortunate. Many volunteers were recruited and placed at busy intersections around Cape Town. Volunteers were up and ready at 7am till 9am handing out pamphlets and collecting clothes and blankets. Alhamdulillah this initiative along with the Project Ubushushu distributions in impoverished under privileged communities was a great success.  We hope that this Project will span to greater lengths in the next year to come. Our aim is to extend our hand of warmth in helping less fortunate individuals and communities.


Project Fill-a-Belly:

Project Fill-a-Belly is a feeding scheme which helps feed hundreds of people in different communities. This year Muslim Hands fed an estimated 1167 adults, children and elderly individuals. Akhni was distributed once a month in Hanover Park (Cape Town). As the Project expands we hope to feed thousands more Inshallah. Project Fill-a-Belly has also fed hundreds of people in BlikkiesDorp (Delft).

Part of the contribution to Project Fill-a-Belly is the Bread Run. 100 loaves of Bread was also distributed every week around Cape Town. Alhamdulillah this feeding scheme has reached many poor communities and Inshallah it will continue to grow.

Al Mamana Feeding Scheme:

Al Mamana is a feeding scheme which is based in Mitchells Plain. This scheme goes hand in hand with Muslim Hands in helping feed the needy. Every month hundreds of people are fed and Alhamdulillah the individuals who volunteer in this scheme have been a tremendous help with their strong will and motivation to provide food for the Mitchells Plain area.

Project 4-Sight:

Project 4-Sight. This Project helps many elderly people who can not afford eye tests, glasses or cataract removal operations. Muslim Hands helped many elderly individuals and two different old age homes during February, March, April and May.

Beitul Amaan Home for the Aged in Wynberg was the first home visited. 50 Residents were tested. on the 15th of March 2012 Eye save dispensed new or upgraded spectacles to 27 residents.

Beaconvale Home for the Aged in Mitchells Plain was the second home visited by Muslim Hands. 47 residents were tested and Eye save returned to the home on 3rd of May 2012 to dispense new or upgraded spectacles to 27 residents.

Project Snip Snip:

This project helps adults and children undergo the circumcision operation. Once a month Muslim Hands partners with IMA (Islamic Medical Association) designated volunteer doctors to perform circumcision on individuals who can not afford it. The first project took place in Langa. 10 boys between the ages of 2 and 10 were done.

Being circumcised is one of the great Sunnahs and a fundamental of being a Muslim.  The health benefits are countless as demonstrated by statistics and latest report have shown that chances of being infected with HIV/Aids is 60% less when circumcised. Unfortunately in the Western Cape there is a large amount of children as well as adults who are reverts to Islam & are uncircumcised due to poverty & the high costing involved in getting circumcised. Muslim Hands was informed of this problem in early 2012 and resolved to assist in this regard throughout the South Africa in contributing to the well-being of Muslims.

Fitra-Ramadan Distribution:

On the 12th of August Muslim Hands and many volunteers helped distribute food parcels and blankets to 700 families.

The year 2012 Muslim Hands made a change to do the Fitra distribution from previous years. There were two reasons to why MH changed.

To prevent duplication collection of Fitra parcels by recipients Muslim Hands decided to work hand in hand with various organisations to that could provide Muslim Hands with deserving and needy recipients as well as to illuminate recipients from handing their names in at two to three different charity relief organisations to receive parcels from each of them. Thus robbing others of deserving receiving a fitra parcel, this organisation could also verify that the recipient is/are and should receive a Fitra parcels.

The second change Muslim Hands had with fitra distributions is that Ramadan coincided with winter this year & will be coinciding with winter for the next 4 to 5 years. Muslim Hands gave every fitra parcel recipient a nice warm blanket to take home.

The location of the Fitra parcel distribution took place at 1 Carnie road Rylands, The Muslim Hands office. 14 organisations were given food parcels which catered for 700 families.

  • Al Wagaah – Islamic school for the deaf
  • Delft
  • BaviansKloof- Mitchellsplain
  • Parkwood
  • Madrassa Tul Mumtaz
  • Montague Gift- Ottery
  • Al Mamana
  • Langa
  • Eastridge Mitchellsplain
  • Kensington
  • Strand
  • Kayelitscha
  • Al Mieftag Madrassa

Alhamdulilah the distribution was very successful. We hope that future distributions will be even more successful and that we will be able to provide for hundreds or even thousands of more individuals.