The First Heart

Is empty of Eemaan and of any kind

of good; this is a dark heart, which Satan no longer

whispers into, because he, may Allah curse him, has

already taken it as a permanent abode, and has full

control over it.

The Second Heart

Is Illuminated with the light of Eemaan

but there is still a certain level of desire within it, so Satan

can whisper into it every so often. The Eeman of this heart

fluctuates, it increases and decreases; sometimes it defeats

Satan, whilst at other times it is defeated.

The Third Heart

Is full of the light of Eeman, There is no

desire that can affect it. This type of heart is always shining

with Eeman, so Satan’s whispering cannot affect it; in fact

satan is likely be burnt as soon he comes close to it. This

heart is like the heaven, protected by the stars, so if Satan

comes close to it he is stoned and burnt at once. This type of

heart is protected by Allah because it is the focal point of Tawheed, love of Allah, knowledge and sincere Eeman.

Such a heart is therefore deserving of protection from the allurement and ruses of Satan.