The Prophet (SAW) said: ” A person who has contentment in his heart nothing will depress him”

I recently listened to a lecture and i thought i should share it with all of you because depression is something everyone faces.

True wealth is the contentment of the heart.

True poverty is the greed of the heart.

Both contentment and depression comes from Allah. Depression comes when you disobey Allah and Contentment is inspired when you obey Allah.

If you want to live like a king grab onto contentment.

What all of us search for:

  • We search for wealth in things but actually it was in contenment
  • We search for comfort in luxury but actually it was kept in contentment
  • We search for honor in creation but honor is only in Allah


What you should not think of:

  • Do not think of poverty it will only increase your greed
  • Do not think of those who have hurt you or oppress you it will create malice and you will make your own life misreable
  • Do not plan a long future. Look at the Big Picture. Our life is in Allah’s hands. And he is the best of planners.


What Brings Contentment:

Honesty…honesty and be sincere. Because today sincerity is very hard to find. Honesty brings joy and inner satisfaction.

Being sincere means seeking out things that pleases Allah. Make this your ultimate intention. Actions are judged by intentions.

And incorporate the Sunnah of Nabi (SAW) in your life. And make the Quran the light in your heart. But this is only possible if you make Dua to Allah “Oh Allah give me contentment in what you have given me”


What Brings Depression:

Lies…and more lies and most of all your sins. When you sin you become restless and sad and trust me this leads to a very dark path.

If you are faced with a difficulty or an affliction run your hand over your head and make Dua.