By Fadia Bint Ismail

Thousands are impacted by the bitter-cold winter and every year organisations make an appeal to the public for assistance to help these needy South Africans. One such project hosted by Muslim Hands is Project Ubushushu which raises thousands of rands for a worthy cause. This winter warmth campaign runs from May till the end of August and sees to the food and warmth of many underprivileged communities.

There are still many people that lack adequate shelter, warmth and food during these trying months. Every year we need to improve on the quantity and quality of items delivered. From basic blankets Muslim Hands has moved up to providing a high quality blanket that lasts longer and is much more effective in combating the cold. Our food parcels are something we take pride in delivering. Recipients of these parcels have gone on record to emphasise their extreme joy and gratitude. These expressions of joy are what motivate us to work harder year after year.

This year Muslim Hands has added another way of donating with the “Learn2Warm” drive. This campaign is aimed at increasing donations in kind. As generous as this community is, we just don’t have the time. Our mornings are a scramble with getting the children to school and ourselves to work. Those who are able to make financial donations have the luxury of internet banking or bank deposits, however we all have spare clothes, blankets and food that we want to donate and yet just don’t find the time to drop it off at the Muslim Hands offices.

It is with this in mind that Muslim Hands has launched the “Learn2Warm” drive. Last year we incorporated a project called Hoot2Warm.Volunteers were recruited and placed at different intersections to collect food, blankets and clothes. The project was a great success. In addition this year Muslim Hands intends to include various school children around Cape Town to understand the cause and to help collect food items, blankets and clothes for the Learn2Warm campaign.

As part of the Learn2Warm campaign drop off points will be allocated at different schools, institutes and organisations. So when you drop off your child at school all you need to do is drop off your spare blankets, clothes and food items at the school where a MH box will be allocated. This campaign will be running for 4 weeks and locations will be announced. Once the box is full Muslim Hands will collect the box. All donations will be distributed to various under privileged communities, homes and shelters with the name of the school, institute or organisation.

With these tough economic times compounded by our increasingly fast paced lifestyles, time and money is more valuable than ever. Bearing this in mind someone has to make the extra effort to ensure that the needy South African are not found wanting.

Muslim Hands has taken this responsibility and we need your support to ensure a successful drive. We need you to spread the word so that everyone can Learn2Warm those less fortunate. Let’s turn up the heat for others this winter.

For further information, contact Muslim Hands on 021 633 6413 or visit