By Fadia Bint Ismail

Make a choice to play a part in the lives of the desolate and abandoned orphans around the world. Only you can make a difference in their lives or ignore their desperation.

Through poverty, natural disasters and wars, hundreds of children are orphaned and thousands more die of starvation. Their love and hope is taken away with no-one they can turn to.

Orphan care is at the heart of the work Muslim Hands carries out. Our orphan sponsorship programme provides safety as well as securing the child’s basic welfare needs.

1-2-1 Orphan Sponsorship

Muslim Hands 1-2-1 orphan sponsorship provides orphans their basic rights of food, clothes, shelter, education and medicine. This is where a particular donor sponsors and sends funds directly to a specific orphan. Our offices in 50 countries worldwide work to support needy orphans in many countries including South Africa, Albania, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Orphan Fund

The Muslim Hand’s orphan fund is used to support orphanages and orphans’ emergency and once off needs. Currently we are sponsoring orphans at three orphanages on a long term basis in Western Cape i.e.  Habibia Children’s Home, Vision child and youth care centre and Beitun- Nur.


We believe that providing education it will help tackle the root cause of poverty; enabling the child to become independent and successful. Many of our orphan’s attend specialised MH built schools which provides the orphans care of a high standard. At Our MH schools we want every child to look back on their education experience as rich, valuable and fulfilling, imparting quality and empowering students with essential skills to become self-reliant.

Medical care is vital especially in the rural areas which provide little or no aid. Muslim Hands orphan sponsorship programme ensures that the overall care of the orphans is monitored by a specialized medical worker in a safe and secure environment.

As poverty levels increase many children are left starved. The orphan sponsorship programme helps provide nutrition which is essential in helping develop the child’s physical and mental health allowing them to function more productively in school.

A lot of the work MH carries out is based in areas where a simple thing as a road or transport is not even available. The MH orphan sponsorship programme allows us to provide transportation for all students to and from school.

Over the years our orphan sponsorship programme has helped thousands of children. Alhamdulilah our sponsors already support over 8000 orphans worldwide as well as locally. By sponsoring an orphan you will receive an orphan pack which includes information about the child you are sponsoring as well as a picture. Our sponsors also receive yearly school reports and feedbacks.

This Ramadan you too can make a difference

This Ramadan Muslim Hands is introducing a programme for orphan children internationally and locally, all donations are welcomed, whether it is a simple toy, spare clothes or even contributing to our orphan sponsorship scheme.  With your support we will be able to provide for many more orphans. Why not let your little ones get involved and help encourage caring for others. You are not just sending money; you are sharing and shaping a life. You can make a difference to these children by becoming their sponsor.

This Ramadan let us fast with our bodies and hearts.

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