By Fadia Bint Ismail.

Droplets of rain on my window pane.

My eyes watching as each tiny little drop falls slowly to the ground.

I close my eyes imagining how it must feel upon my face. The calming relief as though Allah is washing my sins away.

Different seasons for each time of the year, these are truly Allah’s Gifts.

As I stand the rain gently brushes against my face, Allah’s Raghmah is taking place.

I spread out my hands catching the raindrops with in it. O Allah Alhamdulilah for showering your mercy upon me.

I feel warmness upon my face as I open my eyes. The rain has stopped. The sun has risen. O Allah Your beauty is amazing. This beauty only you can create.

The glistening blue sky, the sweet scented flowers.

O Allah Your Gifts are sublime. O Allah you have brought beauty to my life.

O Allah you are Al Khaliq, The Creator, You are Al Kabir, The most Great. Your beauty is everlasting.

O Allah these are Your Gifts.