By Fadia Bint Ismail


Every day I sit and wonder how we take this life for granted.

Be Grateful my mind says…Be Grateful.

The sky, the sun and the moon. Allah created.

Every creation on this earth Allah created in such a special way that we

Should be grateful.

I see the suffering. The oppressed and the poverty so how then can I be


How can I feel like my life is worthless.

I am Grateful. I am Grateful.

You have given me life; you open my eyes each day.

Alhamdulillah are the words I repeat.

O Allah you return my soul each morning to show me my life has meaning.

I Am Grateful.

When our path leads us onto difficulty, this is Allah’s way of guiding us to

something better.


Be Grateful.

Through difficulty comes ease this is Allah’s promise to us.

Our eyes, our sight and all our senses are gifts from Allah.

Be Grateful.

Our souls, our hearts, the air we breathe are Allah’s gifts.

Be Grateful.

Our very existence is the

Qalam of Allah.

Be Grateful for Allah has chosen you.

Be Grateful for Allah will never abandon you