Safe Water Flowing from Muslim Hands

“It is We Who send down water from the sky in (due) measure, and We revive a dead land therewith.” (Qur’an 43:11)

To prevent illness. To purify. To live. It’s easy to forget how much we need safe water. This is the essential of life which over a billion people are denied access to.

Why not purchase a Dig A Well or a Tube Well. Or Contribute our water fund to ensure that thousands of needy people receive clean drinking water.

Dig- a- Wells

Our Dig-a-Wells are situated in communal places such as mosques, schools or village centers and serve large groups of people. These are bigger installations and each well serves over 25 families and their livestock.

The wells have mechanical hand pumps and draw water from up to 35 metres underground making them dependable during all seasons.

Cost: R 8 250
Locations: Afghanistan
Kashmir (India)
Sri Lanka

Tube Wells – Help 2-3 Families

Muslim Hands installs a variety of wells. The simplest of these is the tube well.

A single tube well can serve up to 3-4 families with water to drink, wash and cook with. They are designed to last around 10 years.
Tube wells are manually operated and lift filtered water up to about 30 meters beneath the ground with minimal maintenance.

Cost: R 2 500

Locations: Bangladesh
Kashmir (India)